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Noonsom Bambangan
This is a species of wild mango found in Sabahís forests. Besides being delicious, it is a versatile fruit. The seeds are used to make pickles or act as ingredients for dishes such as hinava. The flesh can be grated, dried and fermented to be eaten on its own.
By mentioning the name alone, it is already mouth watering! So, itís a yummy yummy dish and itís a hot one.
If eating raw fish is up your alley, hereís a traditional recipe of the Kadazan Dusun people of Sabah that would surely grip your interest. I must say that itís not totally raw as the fish is cooked in lime juice. Hereís the magical but simple ingredientsÖ
Rungus People
Considered one of the most traditional ethnic groups in Sabah, many Rungus live in longhouses, with each family having its own separate quarters off a common hall. At the edge of the communal hall, a well-ventilated platform of split bamboo with outward sloping walls provides a place for socializing and communal work. The Rungus longhouse is quite different from the Murut longhouse. The houses are not perched on high stilts, but are usually only three to five feet above ground. The roof is low, and the walls are outward sloped. In olden times, longhouses of over 75 doors are said to have been common. Now, they rarely exceed 10 doors. Usually single story, more modern two-story versions of the longhouse also exist.
Mengikut sejarah penanamannya, kubis telah pun ditanam di Kundasang sejak 50 tahun dahulu. Kunjungan ke pesta ini juga membolehkan saya mengetahui lebih banyak tentang kubis. Jenis Kubis yang mula-mula diperkenalkan ditanam di Kundasang adalah daripada jenis Ball Head. Jenis ini akan matang dalam tempoh 75 hari, dan boleh mencapai berat 2.5 kg. Perkembangan semasa membawa kepada pengenalan beberapa jenis kubis. Antaranya Tight Globe, Green Cup, Cavalier, Resis Crown, Green Stone, N-S Cross, Southern Treasure, Spring Hero, Resist Lake, Autumn Queen, M633, Savoi Ace dan banyak lagi.
Tarap / Timadang
The tarap is a fruit that Borneans love, well, I don't think I know anyone who grew up here who doesn't like it. However visitors or newcomers to this parts either hate it outright or eventually get used to it and like it! They say it's the smell... not like that of the durian but somewhat strong.
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